Lead Generation Is Easy, Lead Conversion Is Harder

You can have the snazziest website and the best product on the planet, but without leads your business will go nowhere. Leads or prospects are the people you hope to sell your product to and have perhaps expressed an interest in it already. There are many different methods of lead generation that you need to know about and in the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business, you must learn the most effective ways to generate leads for your product. When you build your down line, your team members will be looking to you for help and guidance from you, so you should be an expert on your product, lead generation and lead conversion. lead conversion squared review

Most people may think that “warm” leads may be the easiest to convert. Very often, these are your friends, family and perhaps coworkers. Converting these warm leads to sales may be much more difficult than converting cold leads – those people you don’t know. It is all down to you, your personality, and your product of course. If this is not your first attempt at MLM marketing, your friends and family may roll their eyes and be very skeptical, and they will have a lot of objections if you have already tried to sell them something before, and you subsequently gave up on that business.

Lead generation from a cold market can often be easier, as the people you are targeting know nothing about your past business enterprises, successful or otherwise. They know nothing about you except a persona you may have created for your business – which should exude expertise and success.

Getting qualified leads via traffic to your website’s lead capture page(s) or landing page(s) is actually the easy part; conversion is the most difficult aspect. Your sponsor may have told you the average conversion rate is 10%, then to get 50 sales per day you will have to get 500 people to sign up – that’s 3,500 unique visitors per week – so how do you get those visitors?

Find out who your target market is, and zone in on them. It’s pointless trying to sell acne cream to the elderly! Once you know who your target market is, for example a 25 year old college graduate with children, have a picture of her in your mind when you design your lead capture pages and think what will appeal to her. Give her a name – it actually helps!  Any pictures you post should be of someone in her age group, so she will feel that your product is appropriate for her, then lead her through to your lead capture page with appropriate verbal and visual “carrots”.  Always put yourself in your target markets’ shoes when doing anything marketing-related.

It always takes a little experimentation, so monitor everything you do and find out what works best. Once you have found the right formula, when you start recruiting your down line, you can tell them exactly what to do to emulate your success. The quicker they become successful on their own, the faster you can make the passive income that your team will generate for you.

Once you have found the best way to get traffic to your site and the best MLM lead generation formula for your business, your website will move up through the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Your traffic will grow exponentially and people will see you are successful and be eager to join your team and learn your secrets. It’s just like a stall at vegetable market, the ones the attract the most customers sell the most. Watch what methods your competitors use, make note of why they are successful, then try to follow suit

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